Our Product

Amaze Security

Amaze Security a spy software which hepls to Protect your Security and Privacy of your business.Amaze Security is simple and easy to use. Amaze Security allows you to watch and track every task which was done eighter by you or client. It is easy to install in all versions of windows, Linux. This product is basically design for those people who want to track every single record of business transaction. Amaze Security Capture every transaction as image at every click or every Key stroke than it makes a movie in background process which shows what we have done earlier. Amaze Security can also be beneficial for those parents who want to keep daily record of their system while their children use it. They will able to know what their children have done and what they have seen today.

Feature it Includes

  • One Click Installation
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Automatic Tracking of system
  • Wizard Installation
  • Accquire less space
  • Back Up Facility
  • Work in Background, Not visible to user
  • Automatic wipe junk data